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Ballesteros, Javier

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute staff


Selected Publications

  • Article

    • Moree, Wilna J., McConnell, Oliver J., Nguyen, Don D., Sanchez, Laura M., Yang, Yu-Liang, Zhao, Xiling, Liu, Wei-Ting, Boudreau, Paul D., Srinivasan, Jayashree, Atencio, Librada, Ballesteros, Javier, Gavilan, Ronnie G., Torres-Mendoza, Daniel, Guzmán, Héctor M., Gerwick, William H., Gutierrez, Marcelino, and Dorrestein, Pieter C. 2014. "Microbiota of Healthy Corals are Active Against Fungi in a Light Dependent Manner." ACS Chemical Biology, 9, (10) 2300–2308. 2014
    • Moree, Wilna J., Yang, Jane Y., Zhao, Xiling, Liu, Wei-Ting, Aparicio, Marystella, Atencio, Librada, Ballesteros, Javier, Sanchez, Joel, Gavilan, Ronnie G., Gutierrez, Marcelino, and Dorrestein, Pieter C. 2013. "Imaging mass spectrometry of a coral microbe interaction with fungi." Journal of chemical ecology 39 (7):1045-1054. 2013