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Bohaska, David

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National Museum of Natural History staff

selected publications

  • article

    • Feldmann, Rodney M., Schweitzer, Carrie E., and Bohaska, David J. 2018. "Libinia marylandicus Palmer, 1935: discovery of a forgotten specimen from the Maryland Miocene, USA, and re-evaluation of Libinia ssp. from the Maryland Miocene." Bulletin of the Mizunami Fossil Museum 44:1-8. 2018
  • chapter

    • Paterson, Ryan, Rycbynski, Natalia, Bohaska, David J., and Pitulko, Vladimir V. 2017. "Deep Time: the Narwhal and Beluga Fossil Record." in Narwhal: Revealing An Arctic Legend, edited by Fitzhugh, William W. and Nweeia, Martin T., 84-88. IPI Press and Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center. 2017