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Brader, Kathleen

Former Avian Keeper

Background And Education

Research And Grants

Research Overview

  • Currently collaborating with SCBI staff on a cortisol study on kiwi to look at stress levels in different scenarios , mostly at program kiwi but not limited to those kiwi

Other Research Activities


Selected Publications


Teaching Overview

  • Created and taught a Meet a Kiwi for the Smithsonian National Zoo. This was the first of its kind for kiwi outside of New Zealand in the world. This program ran three times a week, 52 weeks a year from 1989 to 2017 at the Bird House until the bird house was closed for renovation. We also offered this program for VIP, the New Zealand Embassy and staff, different college courses would request a in-depth program for various students.
    Kiwi are typically not used for education program animals, so this is has been a trail blazing effort on the Smithsonian's part.

Professional Service Activities

Outreach And Community Service Activities