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Costello, Robert

National Outreach Program Manager

Robert believes in the potential of citizen science for fostering curiosity about the natural world, connecting humans to natural places and uniting the public to preserve biodiversity. He uses his science, liberal arts, design and technology backgrounds to create experiences around nature and science. He works on mobile and digital strategies and applications, citizen science and crowdsourcing, and he created a program in biodiversity genomics for high school students. With two other colleagues, he launched eMammal, the largest citizen science program in the world for monitoring and assessing mammal communities. His work in biodiversity and technology is expressed through mobile apps, websites and start up programs. His writings are multidisciplinary and include citizen science and crowdsourcing, science education, visual literacy and storytelling, technology, and evolutionary and conservation biology. Rescued at sea four times, Robert learned to trust technology, more or less, while working 1,000 meters below the ocean’s surface.

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  • Presentation

    • Costello, Robert and Bliton, Daniel. 2009. Assessment of Educational Visual Storytelling at the Smithsonian [presentation]. Interservice/Industry, Training, Simulation and Education Conference,


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