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Caragol, Taina

Fellowship Advisor National Portrait Gallery staff

Latin American, Latino and Caribbean art; the history of institutional commitment to Latino and Latin American art in the U.S.; Diaspora and exile in Latino and Latin American art; Latina feminisms; Nuyorican art; art and social movements in the 20th and 21st century

Background And Education

Education And Training


Selected Publications

  • Article

  • Book

    • Caragol-Barreto, Taina B., Urena, Leslie, and Sajet, Kim. 2022. The Outwin 2022: American Portraiture Today [Exhibition catalog] Washington, DC. 2022
    • Caragol-Barreto, Taína Beatriz, Moss, Dorothy, Powell, Richard J., and Sajet, Kim. 2020. The Obama Portraits. Washington, DC;Princeton, New Jersey: National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution;Princeton University Press, Incorporated. 2020
    • Eye to I: Self-Portraits from the National Portrait Gallery..  Ed. Fortune, Brandon.  2019
  • Chapter

    • Caragol, Taína. 2018. "Meaningful (Dis)placements: The Portrait of Luis Muñoz Marín by Francisco Rodón at the National Portrait Gallery." In Beyond the Face: New Perspectives on Portraiture. Reaves, Wendy Wick, editor. 302–317. Washington, DC: National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution. 2018
    • Caragol, Taína. 2017. "An Extraordinary Inventory." In Unfinished Memories: 30 Years of Exit Art. White, Garrett, editor. New York: Steidl. 2017
    • Caragol, Taína. 2015. "Finding Oneself in the Mirror of History: Latinos at the National Portrait Gallery." In What Are We Before We're Naturalized. Lasch, Pedro, editor. 20–33. Washington, D.C.: Provisions Library. 2015
    • Caragol, Taína. 2015. "Nuevos Contextos Expositivos: El Retrato de Munoz Marin en la Galeria Nacional de Retratos." In El Munoz de Rodon. 33–35. Trujillo Alto: Fundacion Luis Munoz Marin. 2015


  • Exhibit

    • Moss, Dorothy and Caragol-Barreto, Taína Beatriz (Curators). 2019. "The Outwin 2019: American Portraiture Today." Washington, DC: Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, October 26, 2019 - August 30, 2020..
    • Ureña, Leslie and Caragol-Barreto, Taina (Curators). 2022. "The Outwin 2022: American Portraiture Today." : 2022-04-30 to 2023-02-26..
  • Invited Talk

  • Presentation

    • Caragol, Taína, Bui, Antonius-Tín, and Cruz, David Antonio. 2021. Antonius-Tín Bui and David Antonio Cruz in Conversation with Taína Caragol [presentation]. The Tommie L. Pegues and Donald A. Capoccia Conversation Series in LGBTQ Portraiture, January 12, 2021.
    • Caragol, Taína. 2015. Commencement Speech [presentation]. Manhattan College, School of Liberal Arts, May 16, 2015. New York.
    • Lemay, Kate Clarke and Caragol, Taina. 2021. Curating 1898 - Après-Guerres et Sorties de la Guerre [presentation]. November 21, 2021. Zoom: Université de Lille.
    • Lemay, Kate Clarke, Caragol, Taína, and Katzman, Laura. 2019. Curating 1898: The American Imperium [presentation]. 1898: Imag(in)ing the Carribean in the Age of the Spanish-American War, June 25, 2019. Berlin, Germany.
    • Lemay, Kate Clarke and Caragol, Taína. 2021. Curating 1898: The American Imperium [presentation]. May 13, 2021.
    • Moss, Dorothy and Caragol, Taina. 2022. Curatorial Conversation: The Obama Portraits with Taina Caragol, Dorothy Moss, and Michael Rooks [presentation]. February 10, 2022. Virtual: The High Museum.
    • Caragol, Taína. 2021. Curatorial strategies in two NPG Latino exhibitions: Staging the Self and UnSeen [presentation]. Exhibiting Latinidad, March 3, 2021.
    • Caragol, Taína. 2016. El Muñoz de Rodón [presentation]. Round Table at Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico organized by Fundación Luis Muñoz Marín, 2016. San Juan, Puerto Rico.
    • Caragol, Taína, Ahearn, John, and Rodríguez, Devon. 2021. Everyday People: A Conversation between Devon Rodríguez and John Ahearn [presentation]. January 28, 2021.
    • Moss, Dorothy and Caragol, Taína. 2021. Face to Face: Pursuing Pop with Rupert Garcia and Jane Dickson [presentation]. March 24, 2021.
    • Caragol, Taína, Moss, Dorothy, García, Rupert, and Dickson, Jane. 2021. Face to Face: Pursuing Pop with Rupert García and Jane Dickson, moderated by Taína Caragol and Dorothy Moss [presentation]. March 24, 2021.
    • Caragol, Taína. 2016. Finding oneself in the Mirror of History: Latin@us at the National Portrait Gallery. [presentation]. Invented lecture, 2016. University of Richmond, Department of Spanish and Iberoamerican Studies.
    • Caragol, Taína, Steinbrecher, Sandra, Alvarez, Jasmine, Benitez, Arlyn, and Jalloh, Alhaji. 2021. Front Line: March for Our Lives, Chicago: The Story Behind the Photograph, a conversation with Sandra Steinbrecher, Jasmine Alvarez, Arlyn Benitez, and Alhaji Jalloh (AJ) [presentation]. February 4, 2021.
    • Caragol, Taína, Gaignard, Genevieve, and Raimundi-Ortiz, Wanda. 2020. Genevieve Gaignard and Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz in Conversation with Taína Caragol [presentation]. August 18, 2020.
    • Caragol, Taína. 2021. Interview with Dolores Huerta conducted by Taína Caragol in conjunction with the SITES exhibition Dolores Huerta: Revolution in the Fields! [presentation]. March 25, 2021.
    • Caragol, Taína. 2021. Latinx Art at NPG and in US Museums [presentation]. June 16, 2021.
    • Caragol, Taína. 2015. Portraiture Now: Staging the Self [presentation]. The Americas Society Panel Discussion on Exhibition "Portraiture Now: Staging the Self", June 16, 2015. New York, NY.
    • Caragol, Taína. 2016. Searching for Useful Frameworks: Latino Art at the National Portrait Gallery. Imagining and Intervening: U.S. Latin@ Art and History Today and Tomorrow [presentation]. Fifth Biennial Latino Art Now! Conference. Re-Imaging Global Intersections, April 9, 2016. Chicago, IL.
    • Moss, Dorothy, Caragol-Barreto, Taína Beatriz, Powell, Richard J., Shaw, Gwendolyn DuBois, and Sherald, Amy. 2020. The Making of the Obama Portraits [presentation]. February 13, 2020. Chicago, Illinois.
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    • Caragol, Taína and Ureña, Leslie. 2021. The Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition: History and Process [presentation]. March 22, 2021.
    • Zapata, Claudia, Ramos, E. Carmen, and Caragol, Taína. 2021. ¡Printing the Revolution! In Conversation with E. Carmen Ramos and Claudia Zapata   [presentation]. July 13, 2021. Online: Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.