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Christen, Catherine

Senior Manager, Conservation Commons

Environmental history, especially history of conservation biology and conservation training, of Smithsonian science (STRI, NZP), and of GIS/remote sensing; Latin American history; oral history, farmland and sustainability.

Background And Education


Selected Publications

  • Article

    • Santy, Andrea, Loffeld, Thirza A. C., Paterson, Stuart, Copsey, Jamieson A., Bakarr, Mohamed, I., Rainer, Helga, Rehse, Eva, Bjorgvinsdottir, Steina, Scholfield, Katy, Mwangi, Mike A. Kiragu, and Christen, Catherine A. 2022. "Donor perspectives on strengthening capacity development for conservation." Oryx, 2022
    • Fleishman, Erica, Blockstein, David E., Hall, John A., Mascia, Michael B., Rudd, Murray A., Scott, J. Michael, Sutherland, William J., Bartuska, Ann M., Brown, A. Gordon, Christen, Catherine A., Clement, Joel P., Della Sala, Dominick, Duke, Clifford S., Eaton, Marietta, Fiske, Shirley J., Gosnell, Hannah, Haney, J. Christopher, Hutchins, Michael, Klein, Mary L., Marqusee, Jeffrey, Noon, Barry R., Nordgren, John R., Orbuch, Paul M., Powell, Jimmie, Quarles, Steven P. et al. 2011. "Top 40 Priorities for Science to Inform US Conservation and Management Policy." Bioscience, 61, (4) 290–300. 2011
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  • Book

    • Wemmer, Christen M. and Christen, Catherine A. 2008. Elephants and Ethics: Toward a Morality of Coexistence. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. 2008
  • Chapter

    • Christen, Catherine A. 2011. "The Rocky Mountain School." In Encyclopedia of American Environmental History. Brosnan, K. A., editor. 1133–1134. New York: Facts on File. 2011
    • Christen, Catherine A. 2008. "Before Corcovado: Early Conservation Initiatives on the Osa Peninsula." In Natural and Cultural History of the Golfo Dulce Region. Weissenhofer, A., Huber, W., Mayer, V., Pamperl, S., Weber, A., and Aubrecht, G., editors. 675–682. 2008
    • Wemmer, Christen M. and Christen, Catherine A. 2008. "Introduction: Never Forgetting the Importance of Ethical Treatment of Elephants." In Elephants and Ethics: Toward a Morality of Coexistence. Wemmer, Christen M. and Christen, Catherine A., editors. 1–13. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. 2008


  • Presentation

    • Bullard, Kristen A., Adams, Tina M., and Christen, Catherine. 2013. New Media Matters: Communicating Conservation Research & Ideas [presentation]. 26th International Congress for Conservation Biology Conference. Society for Conservation Biology, Baltimore, MD.


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