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Coates, Anthony G.

Affiliated Fellowship Advisor Inactive Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute staff

Geology (stratigraphy and Paleontology).

Background And Education

Education And Training

Awards And Honors


Selected Publications

  • Article

    • O'Dea, Aaron, Lessios, Harilaos A., Coates, Anthony G., Eytan, Ron I., Restrepo-Moreno, Sergio, Cione, Alberto L., Collins, Laurel S., de Queiroz, Alan, Farris, David W., Norris, Richard D., Stallard, Robert F., Woodburne, Michael O., Aguilera, Orangel, Aubry, Marie-Pierre, Berggren, William A., Budd, Ann F., Cozzuol, Mario A., Coppard, Simon E., Duque-Caro, Herman, Finnegan, Seth, Gasparini, German M., Grossman, Ethan L., Johnson, Kenneth G., Keigwin, Lloyd D., Knowlton, Nancy et al. 2016. "Formation of the Isthmus of Panama." Science Advances, 2, (8). 2016
    • Depositional Sequences And Stratigraphy of the Colón Carbonate Platform: Bocas Del Toro Archipelago, PanamaJournal of Sedimentary Research.  83:183-195. 2013
    • Coates, Anthony G. and Stallard, Robert F. 2013. "How old is the Isthmus of Panama?" Bulletin of Marine Science, 89, (4) 801–813. 2013
    • Uhen, Mark D., Coates, Anthony G., Jaramillo, Carlos A., Montes, Camilo, Pimiento, Catalina, Rincon, Aldo, Strong, Nikki, and Velez-Juarbe, Jorge. 2010. "Marine mammals from the Miocene of Panama." Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 30, (3-4) 167–175. 2010
    • Jackson, Jeremy B. C., Jung, Peter, Coates, Anthony G., and Collins, Laurel S. 2007. "Diversidad y extinción de moluscos de América tropical y surgimiento del istmo de Panamá." in Ecología y evolución en los trópicos, edited by Leigh, Egbert Giles, Jr., Herre, Edward Allen, Jackson, Jeremy B. C., and Santos-Granero, Fernando., 328-332. Editora Nova Art. 2007
    • O'Dea, Aaron, Rodriguez, Felix, DeGracia, Carlos, and Coates, Anthony G. 2007. "La paleontología marina en el Istmo de Panamá." Canto Rodado, 2 149–179. 2007
  • Chapter

    • Coates, Anthony G. and Stallard, Robert F. 2015. "Que tan Viejo es el Istmo de Panama." In Historia natural del Istmo de Panama. Rodriguez Mejia, Felix A. and O'Dea, Aaron, editors. 17–28. Panama: SENACYT/STRI. 2015