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Coyle, Brian

Staff of National Zoological Park


Brian Coyle coordinates, facilitates and conducts conservation focused research and action as a conservation producer with the Pan-Smithsonian Conservation Commons and Earth Optimism programs and as project coordinator and researcher with the Red Siskin Initiative. His work ranges from lab research to mentoring and inspiring local teens to identifying and supporting opportunities for collaboration and conservation impact across Smithsonian and internationally with external partners.

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  • Brian J. Coyle worked with the Smithsonian, USFS, and USFW on research of endangered and threatened species before earning his PhD from the University of Maryland College Park, where he studied sexual selection and sensory ecology in Australian Bowerbirds. He joined the National Museum of Natural History in 2013 as a postdoc and then became lead coordinator for the Red Siskin Initiative. He now also works as a program manager with the Conservation Commons, helping to support and advance multi-unit, transdisciplinary collaboration that is increasing the scale and impact of Smithsonian conservation internationally. In this role he also contributes to the Earth Optimism Initiative, which highlights conservation solutions and stories of success from around the globe to promote replication and scalability by professional conservation scientists and practitioners, inspire and empower the next generation of leaders, and facilitate positive change for a healthier planet among people of all ages and backgrounds. Brian lives with his family of people and many animals in Maryland where he enjoys working with neighbors on grassroots sustainability initiatives locally.