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Davey, Alisdair

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory staff

Large scale data distribution and archiving, automated feature and event detection, data mining, Virtual Observatories, Coronal Mass Ejections and Bright Points.

Background And Education

Education And Training


Selected Publications

  • Article

    • McIntosh, Scott W., Wang, Xin, Leamon, Robert J., Davey, Alisdair R., Howe, Rachel, Krista, Larisza D., Malanushenko, Anna V., Markel, Robert S., Cirtain, Jonathan W., Gurman, Joseph B., Pesnell, William D., and Thompson, Michael J. 2014. "Deciphering Solar Magnetic Activity. I. On the Relationship between the Sunspot Cycle and the Evolution of Small Magnetic Features." The Astrophysical Journal 792:12. 2014
    • Martens, P. C. H., Attrill, G. D. R., Davey, Alisdair R., Engell, Alexander J., Farid, Samaiyah, Grigis, P. C., Kasper, Justin C., Korreck, Kelly E., Saar, S. H., Savcheva, A., Su, Y., Testa, P., Wills-Davey, M., Bernasconi, P. N., Raouafi, N. -E, Delouille, V. A., Hochedez, J. F., Cirtain, J. W., DeForest, C. E., Angryk, R. A., De Moortel, I., Wiegelmann, T., Georgoulis, M. K., McAteer, R. T. J., and Timmons, R. P. 2012. "Computer Vision for the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)." Solar Physics, 275 79–113. 2012