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Davis, Nancy

Fellowship Advisor Inactive National Museum of American History staff

American material/visual culture; technologies in the home; Asian influence on American material culture; consumption and market studies; gender studies.

Background And Education


Selected Publications

  • Book

    • Davis, Nancy E. 2019. Chinese lady: Afong Moy in early America. New York: Oxford University Press. 2019
    • Allison, David K., Davis, Nancy, Franz, Kathleen, and Liebhold, Peter. 2015. American Enterprise: A History of Business in America. Smithsonian Books. 2015
  • Chapter

    • Davis, Nancy E. 2017. "Communities of Refuge in Frontier Illinois." In Many Voices, One Nation: Material Culture Reflections on Race and Migration in the United States. Salazar-Porzio, Margaret, Troyano, Joan Fragaszy, and Safranek, Lauren, editors. 101–110. Washington, D.C: Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press. In Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge. 2017
    • Davis, Nancy Ellen. 2015. "Merchant Era 1770s – 1850s." In American Enterprise: A history of Business in America. Serwer, Andy, Bair, Sheila, Davidson, Adam, Ford, Bill, Greenberg, Sally, Johnson, Fisk, Paulson Jr., Henry M., Trumka, Richard L., and Woertz, Patricia, editors. 14–59. Smithsonian Institution Press. 2015
    • Davis, Nancy Ellen. 2014. "Conflicting Currents Between Chinese and American Trade Cultures." In The Dynamics of Interconnections in Popular Culture(s). Browne, Ray B. and Urish, Ben, editors. 187–204. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 2014
    • Davis, Nancy E. 2014. "Taking to the Stage: Chinese Goods in Antebellum America." In Global Trade and Visual Arts in Federal New England. Johnston, Patricia and Frank, Caroline, editors. 134–156. Lebanon, New Hampshire: University of New Hampshire Press. 2014
  • Review