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Devine, Amanda

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National Museum of Natural History staff

selected publications

  • article

    • Gonz├ílez, Vanessa L., Devine, Amanda M., Trizna, Mike, Mulcahy, Daniel G., Barker, Katherine, and Coddington, Jonathan A. 2018. "Open access genomic resources for terrestrial arthropods." Current Opinion in Insect Science 25:91-98. 2018
    • Funk, Vicki A., Gostel, Morgan, Devine, Amanda, Kelloff, Carol L., Wurdack, Kenneth J., Tuccinardi, Chris, Radosavljevic, Aleks, Peters, Melinda, and Coddington, Jonathan. 2017. "Guidelines for collecting vouchers and tissues intended for genomic work (Smithsonian Institution): Botany Best Practices." Biodiversity Data Journal (5): e11625. 2017
    • Al-Rshaidat, Mamoon, Snider, Allison, Rosebraugh, Sydney, Devine, Amanda M., Devine, Thomas D., Plaisance, Laetitia, Knowlton, Nancy, and Leray, Matthieu. 2016. "Deep COI sequencing of standardized benthic samples unveils overlooked diversity of Jordanian coral reefs in the northern Red Sea." Genome 59 (9):724-737. 2016
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