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Evangelestia-Dougherty, Tamar view

Smithsonian Libraries and Archives staff


Selected Publications

  • Article

    • Evangelestia-Dougherty, Tamar. 2018. "Black LA Collections Confidential." Fine Books and Collections, (Winter), 2018
    • Evangelestia-Dougherty, Tamar. 2018. "Wisdom Within Collections: Administering African American collections." Archival Outlook, (July/August), 10–19. 2018
    • Murrain, Shanee Yvette, Marcus, Cecily, Evangelestia-Dougherty, Tamar, and Olidge, Kara Tucina. 2017. "Radical Partnerships: Taking new paths in Black collections." Archival Outlook, (January/February) 4–21. 2017
  • Book

    • Tananbaum, Duane, Lehman, Herbert H., and Evangelestia-Dougherty, Tamar. 2009. Drawn to public service : political cartoons from the papers of Herbert H. Lehman. New York: Columbia University Press. 2009


  • Presentation

    • Evangelestia-Dougherty, Tamar. 2016. Out of the Shadows: Exposing radical Black history collections [presentation]. Society of American Archivists, August 5, 2016. Atlanta, Georgia: Society of American Archivists.