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Dupree, Andrea

Senior Astrophysicist

Astronomical spectroscopy; theory of solar and stellar atmospheres and spectra; stellar chromospheres and coronae; mass loss and stellar winds.


Background And Education

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Research Overview

  • Dupree is an internationally recognized leader in stellar physics
    and  ultraviolet astronomy. Her research currently
    focuses on cool stars like the Sun
    and their planets to understand how they are
    born and  how they evolve.  She uses large telescopes
    on the ground and in space, combined with theoretical
    calculations to analyze spectra from the stars.

    Dupree led the team to
    obtain the first  image of the surface
    of a star  other than the Sun using the Hubble Space Telescope.  
    She recently discovered fast hot winds from
    very young stars, which
    could profoundly affect their evolution and the
    environment of surrounding planets.  
    She is a  member of the Kepler Science Team which
    is currently searching for exoplanets using the United States
    NASA satellite: Kepler.
    Dupree has published several hundred scientific papers and
    articles and edited many books.  She has been involved in the
    design of several satellites.  She is a Past-President of the American
    Astronomical Society, the major scientific organization of over 7000
    professional astronomers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
    She has served on and led many committees of the US National Academy of
    Sciences,  NASA, Association of Universities for Research
    in Astronomy (AURA),  and others
    to determine the future course of
    astronomical research in the United States and other countries.   
    She held the position of Associate Director of the
    Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics  - the
    first woman and youngest person in that position and served
    as Head of the Solar, Stellar, and Planetary Physics Division
    for a decade.

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