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Goddard, Ives

Senior Linguist Emeritus

Linguistics and North America; general linguistics including descriptive, historical, and theoretical; textual analysis, discourse, philology; Algonquian linguistics and ethnohistory.

Background And Education

Education And Training


Selected Publications

  • Article

    • Goddard, Ives. 2016. "Arapaho historical morphology." Anthropological Linguistics, 57, (4) 345–411. 2016
    • Goddard, Ives. 2016. "Meskwaki Warparty - An Oral History." The Critical Flame [online], 45, (-). 2016
    • Goddard, Ives. 2010. "Linguistic Variation in a Small Speech Community: The Personal Dialects of Moraviantown Delaware." Anthropological Linguistics, 52, (1) 1–48. 2010
    • Goddard, Ives. 2010. "The Origin and Meaning of the Name "Manhattan"." New York History, 92, (4) 277–293. 2010
    • Goddard, Ives. 2008. "Quauhaug." Algonquian & Iroquoian Linguistics, 33, (1) 6–8. 2008
    • Goddard, Ives. 2007. "Mississippi." SSILA Newsletter, 25, (4) 12–13. 2007
    • Goddard, Ives and Merrill, William L. 2007. "William Curtis Sturtevant (death notice)." Anthropology News, 48, (5), 42–43. 2007
  • Book

    • Goddard, Ives. 2022. The Autobiography of a Meskwaki Woman: A New Edition and Translation. Facsimile reprint ed. Petoskey, Michigan: Mundart Press. In Memoir/Algonquian and Iroquoian Linguistics, 18. 2022
    • Beckwith, Miles and Goddard, Ives. 2021. A Glossary to the Delaware Publications of Ira D. Blanchard. Petoskey, Michigan: Mundart Press. 2021
    • Goddard, Ives. 2021. A grammar of Southern Unami Delaware (Lenape). Petoskey, Michigan: Mundart Press. 2021
    • Goddard, Ives and Thomason, Lucy. 2014. A Meskwaki-English and English-Meskwaki dictionary, based on early twentieth-century writings by native speakers. Petoskey, Michigan: Mundart Press. 2014
    • Goddard, Ives. 2007. The Owl Sacred Pack: A New Edition and Translation of the Meskwaki Manuscript of Alfred Kiyana. Algonquian and Iroquoian Linguistics Memoir 19. Winnipeg: Algonquian and Iroquoian Linguistics. 2007
  • Chapter

    • Goddard, Ives. 2018. "Blackfoot and Core Algonquian Inflectional Morphology: Archaisms and Innovations." In Papers of the Forty-Seventh Algonquian Conference. Macaulay, Monica and Noodin, Meg, editors. 83–106. Michigan State University Press. 2018
    • Goddard, Ives. 2016. "The “Loup” Languages of Western Massachusetts: The Dialectal Diversity of Southern New England Algonquian." In Papers of the 44th Algonquian Conference. Macaulay, Monica, Noodin, Margaret, and Valentiine, J. Randolph, editors. 104–138. Albany, NY: SUNY Press. 2016
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    • Goddard, Ives. 2015. "Three nineteenth-century Munsee texts: Archaisms, Dialect Variation, and Problems of Textual Criticism." In New Voices for Old Words. Costa, David J., editor. 198–315. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. In Studies in the Anthropology of North American Indians. 2015
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    • Goddard, Ives. 2007. "Phonetically Unmotivated Sound Change." In Verba Docenti: Studies in historical and Indo-European linguistics presented to Jay H. Jasanoff by students, colleagues, and friends.. Nussbaum, Alan J., editor. 115–130. Ann Arbor: Beech Stave Press. 2007
    • Goddard, Ives. 2007. "Reconstruction and History of the Independent Indicative." In Papers of the Thirty-Eighth Algonquian Conference. Wolfart, H. C., editor. 207–271. Winnipeg: University of Manitoba. 2007
  • Conference Paper

    • Goddard, Ives. 2019. "The Kansas Unami Writings of Ira D. Blanchard, Pioneering Algonquian Linguist." from Papers pf the Forty-Eighth Algonquian Conference. 87–106. (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) 2016-10-13. East Lansing, Michigan: Michigan State University Press. 2019
  • Review

    • Goddard, Ives. 2011. [Book review] "First Manhattans: A brief history of the Munsee Indians, by Robert S. Grumet (2011)." New York History, 92, (4), 290–302. 2011

Editor Of

  • Book

    • Kiyana, Alfred. 2023. The Man Who Married His Daughter: Eleven Meskwaki Winter Stories and Tales of Olden Times, Goddard, Ives and Thomason, Lucy, editors. Petoskey, Michigan: Mundart Press. 2023
    • Kiyana, Alfred. 2022. Masahkamikohkwêwa (Grandmother Earth), Thomason, Lucy G. and Goddard, Ives, editors. Petoskey, Michigan: Mundart Press. 2022
    • Blanchard, Ira D., Conner, James, and Goddard, Ives, editors. 2021. A harmony of the four Gospels in Delaware: the translation by Ira D. Blanchard and James Conner. Petoskey, Michigan: Mundart Press. 2021
    • Goddard, Ives and Beckwith, Miles, editors. 2021. The Delaware Primers of Ira D. Blanchard. Petoskey, Michigan: Mundart Press. 2021


  • Presentation

    • Goddard, Ives. 2019. How Come the Smithsonian Libraries has so many Indian Bibles and Prayer Books? [presentation].