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Gregory, Tremaine

Former Conservation Biologist

Tropical ecology, animal behavior, biodiversity impact mitigation


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Background And Education

Education And Training

Public Biography

  • Tremaine (Tremie) Gregory is a conservation biologist whose work focuses on the impacts of terrestrial infrastructure development on wildlife in tropical forests. Gregory has been at the Center for Conservation and Sustainability since 2011. She co-leads the Sustainable Terrestrial Infrastructure Program, which focuses on the impacts of energy and transportation infrastructure on biodiversity, and the In-situ/Ex-situ Conservation Program, which builds capacity in biodiversity monitoring and management in Paraguay.

    Gregory has studied a broad array of taxa, from mammals to insects. She has developed best practices in the implementation of natural canopy bridges to mitigate the impacts of linear infrastructure on arboreal mammals. Additionally, she has pioneered methods to study arboreal species with camera traps in the high canopy.

    Gregory received a bachelor's degree in biology in Spanish from Bowdoin College in 1999. She earned a Master's degree and Doctorate in biological anthropology from Kent State University in 2006 and 2011, respectively. In 2011, Gregory joined the Center for Conservation and Sustainability as a postdoc and became a Research Scientist in 2013. During her time at CCS, she has mentored students, interns and postdocs. She has also contributed to capacity building workshops and courses in biodiversity monitoring, assessment and management.


Selected Publications