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Harmon, Liz

SAWHM Virtual Museum Program Manager


Selected Publications

  • Article

    • Dikow, Rebecca B., Ekwealor, Jenna T. B., Mattingly, William J. B., Trizna, Michael G., Harmon, Elizabeth, Dikow, Torsten, Arias, Carlos F., Hodel, Richard G. J., Spillane, Jennifer, Tsuchiya, Mirian T. N., Villanueva, Luis, White, Alexander E., Bursell, Madeline G., Curry, Tiana, Inema, Christelle, and Geronimo-Anctil, Kayla. 2023. "Let the Records Show: Attribution of Scientific Credit in Natural History Collections." International journal of plant sciences, 184, (5) 392–404. 2023
    • Harmon, Elizabeth A. 2019. "The Smithsonian Institution and American Philanthropy." The Federalist: Society for History in the Federal Government Newsletter, Second Series, (63), 8–9. 2019
  • Thesis

    • Harmon, Elizabeth A. 2017. "The Transformation of American Philanthropy: From Public Trust to Private Foundation, 1785-1917." PhD, University of Michigan. 2017