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Holzer, Kimberly

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center staff

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Selected Publications

  • Article

    • Darling, John A., Martinson, John, Pagenkopp Lohan, Katrina M., Carney, Katharine J., Pilgrim, Erik, Banerji, Aabir, Holzer, Kimberly K., and Ruiz, Gregory M. 2020. "Metabarcoding quantifies differences in accumulation of ballast water borne biodiversity among three port systems in the United States." Science of The Total Environment 749:Article 141456. 2020
    • Zabin, Chela J., Davidson, Ian C., Holzer, Kimberly K., Smith, George, Ashton, Gail V., Tamburri, Mario N., and Ruiz, Gregory M. 2018. "How will vessels be inspected to meet emerging biofouling regulations for the prevention of marine invasions?." Management of Biological Invasions 9 (3):195-208. 2018
    • Carney, Katharine J., Minton, Mark S., Holzer, Kimberly K., Miller, A. W., McCann, Linda D., and Ruiz, Gregory M. 2017. "Evaluating the combined effects of ballast water management and trade dynamics on transfers of marine organisms by ships." PloS One 12 (3):1-20. 2017
    • Pagenkopp Lohan, Katrina M., Fleischer, Robert C., Carney, Katharine J., Holzer, Kimberly K., and Ruiz, Gregory M. 2017. "Molecular characterisation of protistan species and communities in ships’ ballast water across three U.S. coasts." Diversity and Distributions 23 (6):680-691. 2017
    • Holzer, Kimberly K., Muirhead, Jim R., Minton, Mark S., Carney, Katharine J., Miller, A. W., and Ruiz, Gregory M. 2017. "Potential effects of LNG trade shift on transfer of ballast water and biota by ships." Science of The Total Environment 580:1470-1474. 2017
    • Pagenkopp Lohan, K. M., Fleischer, Robert C., Carney, K. J., Holzer, Kimberly K., and Ruiz, Gregory M. 2016. "Amplicon-Based Pyrosequencing Reveals High Diversity of Protistan Parasites in Ships' Ballast Water: Implications for Biogeography and Infectious Diseases." Microbial ecology 71 (3):530-542. 2016
    • Verna, Danielle E., Harris, Bradley P., Holzer, Kimberly K., and Minton, Mark S. 2016. "Ballast-borne marine invasive species: exploring the risk to coastal Alaska, USA." Management of Biological Invasions 7:199-211. 2016
    • McCann, Linda D., Holzer, Kimberly K., Davidson, Ian C., Ashton, Gail V., Chapman, Marnie D., and Ruiz, Gregory M. 2013. "Promoting invasive species control and eradication in the sea: Options for managing the tunicate invader Didemnum vexillum in Sitka, Alaska." Marine pollution bulletin 77 (1-2):165-171. 2013