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Jacobson, Emily

Paper & Photographs Conservator

Indian Miniatures; Islamic paintings and manuscripts; Whistler watercolors.

Background And Education

Research And Grants


Selected Publications

  • Book

    • Polidori, Elisabetta, Jacobson, Emily Klayman, and McCarthy, Blythe. 2019. Going Beyond Appearances: Examination of Hidden Paint Layers in a Gulistan of Sa'di from the Freer Gallery of Art. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Scholarly Press. In Smithsonian Contributions to Museum Conservation, 8. 2019
    • Glazer, Lee, Jacobson, Emily, McCarthy, Blythe, and Roeder, Katherine. 2019. Whistler in watercolor: lovely little games. New Haven: Yale University Press. 2019
  • Webpage