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Kimberk, Robert

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory staff


Selected Publications

  • Article

    • Price, D. C., Greenhill, L. J., Fialkov, A., Bernardi, G., Garsden, H., Barsdell, B. R., Kocz, J., Anderson, M. M., Bourke, S. A., Craig, J., Dexter, M. R., Dowell, J., Eastwood, M. W., Eftekhari, T., Ellingson, S. W., Hallinan, G., Hartman, J. M., Kimberk, R., Lazio, T. Joseph W., Leiker, S., MacMahon, D., Monroe, R., Schinzel, F., Taylor, G. B., Tong, E. et al. 2018. "Design and characterization of the Large-aperture Experiment to Detect the Dark Age (LEDA) radiometer systems." Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 478:4193-4213. 2018
    • Kimberk, Robert S., Hunter, Todd R., Leiker, Patrick S., Blundell, Raymond, Nystrom, George U., Petitpas, Glen R., Test, John, Wilson, Robert W., Yamaguchi, Paul, and Young, Kenneth H. 2012. "a Multi-Baseline 12 GHz Atmospheric Phase Interferometer with One Micron Path Length Sensitivity." Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation 1:50002. 2012