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Lockhart, Kelly

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory staff


Selected Publications

  • Article

    • Bouquin, Daina R., Chivvis, Daniel A., Henneken, Edwin, Lockhart, Kelly, Muench, August, and Koch, Jennifer. 2020. "Credit Lost: Two Decades of Software Citation in Astronomy." The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 249 8. 2020
    • Hosek, Matthew W., Jr., Lu, Jessica R., Lam, Casey Y., Gautam, Abhimat K., Lockhart, Kelly E., Kim, Dongwon, and Jia, Siyao. 2020. "SPISEA: A Python-based Simple Stellar Population Synthesis Code for Star Clusters." The Astronomical Journal 160:143. 2020
    • Lockhart, Kelly E., Do, Tuan, Larkin, James E., Boehle, Anna, Campbell, Randy D., Chappell, Samantha, Chu, Devin, Ciurlo, Anna, Cosens, Maren, Fitzgerald, Michael P., Ghez, Andrea, Lu, Jessica R., Lyke, Jim E., Mieda, Etsuko, Rudy, Alexander R., Vayner, Andrey, Walth, Gregory, and Wright, Shelley A. 2019. "Characterizing and Improving the Data Reduction Pipeline for the Keck OSIRIS Integral Field Spectrograph." The Astronomical Journal 157:75. 2019
    • Ginsburg, Adam, Sipőcz, Brigitta M., Brasseur, C. E., Cowperthwaite, Philip S., Craig, Matthew W., Deil, Christoph, Guillochon, James, Guzman, Giannina, Liedtke, Simon, Lian Lim, Pey, Lockhart, Kelly E., Mommert, Michael, Morris, Brett M., Norman, Henrik, Parikh, Madhura, Persson, Magnus V., Robitaille, Thomas P., Segovia, Juan-Carlos, Singer, Leo P., Tollerud, Erik J., de Val-Borro, Miguel, Valtchanov, Ivan, Woillez, Julien, and Astroquery Collaboration. 2019. "astroquery: An Astronomical Web-querying Package in Python." The Astronomical Journal 157:98. 2019
    • Hung, Chao-Ling, Sanders, D. B., Casey, Caitlin M., Koss, Michael, Larson, Kirsten L., Lee, Nicholas, Li, Yanxia, Lockhart, Kelly, Shih, Hsin-Yi, Barnes, Joshua E., Kartaltepe, Jeyhan S., and Smith, Howard A. 2014. "A Comparison of the Morphological Properties between Local and z ~ 1 Infrared Luminous Galaxies: Are Local and High-z (U)LIRGs Different?." The Astrophysical Journal 791:63. 2014