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Lockshin, Nora S.

Senior Conservator

Archive and library preservation and conservation, including: books, works on paper, photographic, audiovisual and born-digital media. This includes disaster lifecycle management for cultural heritage materials, and management of hazardous collections, including nitrate materials. 

Current research interests at SIA include: physical deterioration, treatment, use and imaging of letterpress copying books (see Publications and Other); physical deterioration and treatment of optical discs. Related to the American Women's History Initiative, research into physical deterioration and treatment of the works of Adelia Gates, on dark Canson Montgolfier papers. Personal research includes the legacy and works of Edith Diehl, bookbinder, teacher and author. 

Background And Education

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Professional Biography

  • Nora S. Lockshin, Senior Conservator for the Smithsonian Institution Archives, leads conservation and preservation programs, providing treatment, guidance, research, training and advocacy, and consultation for caregivers of collections throughout the Smithsonian’s 21 museums, 8 research centers and the National Zoo.

    She served as an inaugural member of the Smithsonian’s National Collections Program Preparedness and Response in Collections Emergency (PRICE) team, the Smithsonian Emergency Management Advisory Committee, and on the steering committee for the DC Alliance for Response. She has developed trainings and worked on the ground in emergency recovery efforts with Smithsonian’s Cultural Rescue Initiative and the Heritage Emergency National Task Force, with cultural heritage stewards in Haiti, the Southeastern United States, and Puerto Rico. She serves as a subject matter expert for analytical investigation and repatriation of stolen property.

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  • Cellulose Nitrate film


Selected Publications

  • Article

    • Lockshin, Nora S. and Bennett, R. William, III. 2018. "Smudges, Snakeskins, and Pins, Oh My!." Book and Paper Group Annual, 37 125–142. 2018
    • Friedman, Anna and Lockshin, Nora S. 2012. "Evaluating mass deacidification after twenty years of natural aging." The Book & Paper Group Annual, 31 101–112. (Research and Technical Studies-Book and Paper Group Joint Discussion 2012) 2012
    • Fallon, Rosemary E. and Lockshin, Nora S. 2009. "Which Cracked First: The Inkin' or the Egg? Analysis and Ink Deterioration in the William Bache Silhouette Album." The Book and Paper Group Annual of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, 27, (2008) 123–125. 2009
  • Chapter

    • Lockshin, Nora S. 2020. "Marking." In Museum Registration Methods. 6th ed. Simmons, John E. and Kiser, Toni M., editors. 261–311. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers / American Alliance Of Museum. 2020
    • Lockshin, Nora Sharon. 2019. "Marking Collections." In Preventive Conservation: Collection Storage. Elkin, Lisa and Norris, Christopher A., editors. 781–806. New York: Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections. 2019
    • Lockshin, Nora S. 2011. "Preserving History." In Saving Haiti's Heritage: Cultural Recovery After the Earthquake. Kurin, Richard, editor. 194. Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution. 2011


  • Presentation

    • Lockshin, Nora S. and Kapranos, Sophia. 2016. Moving Beyond 'Is It Mold'? [presentation]. Control of Health and Safety Hazards in Museums and Collection Care, November 8, 2016. Washington, DC.
    • Lockshin, Nora S. and Bennett, R. William, III. 2018. Smudges, snakeskins and pins, oh my! [presentation]. American Institute of Conservation 46th Annual Meeting, Houston, Texas.


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