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Lucey, Noelle M.

Former Smithsonian Tropical Institute Research staff

Noelle Lucey’s research aims to understand how global change is impacting marine life. She is an organismal marine biologist with a focus on animal physiology. Using long-term laboratory manipulations and natural field experiments, she advances our understanding of how different types of animals are able to survive varying levels and combinations of climate stressors. This involves melding the disciplines of physiology, ecology and physical oceanography together to more accurately understand changing tropical biogeography. Her current research is identifies physiological adaptations and extirpations arising from climate change extremes in tropical coral reef ecosystems.


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  • ecophysiology, ocean deoxygenation, warming, multiple generations, biogeography, modern extinctions, phenotypic plasticity, climate change, marine policy, climate resilience, tropical ecosystems, marine invertebrates


Selected Publications