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Lutz, Sue

Acting Collections Manager


selected publications

  • article

    • Ickert‐Bond, Stefanie M., Harris, Aj, Lutz, Sue, and Wen, Jun. 2018. "A detailed study of leaf micromorphology and anatomy of New World Vitis L. subgenus Vitis within a phylogenetic and ecological framework reveals evolutionary convergence." Journal of Systematics and Evolution 56 (4):309-330. 2018
    • Harris, Aj, Chen, Yousheng, Olsen, Richard T., Lutz, Sue, and Wen, Jun. 2017. "On merging Acer sections Rubra and Hyptiocarpa: Molecular and morphological evidence." Phytokeys (86): 9-42. 2017
    • Xu, Xin-Wei, Wu, Jin-Wei, Qi, Mei-Xia, Lu, Qi-Xiang, Lee, Peter F., Lutz, Sue, Ge, Song, and Wen, Jun. 2015. "Comparative phylogeography of the wild-rice genus Zizania (Poaceae) in eastern Asia and North America." American Journal of Botany 102 (2):239-247. 2015
    • Harris, Aj, Lutz, Sue, Acevedo-Rodríguez, Pedro, and Wen, Jun. 2015. "The utility of the morphological variation of pollen for resolving the evolutionary history of Billia (subfam. Hippocastanoideae, Sapindaceae)." Journal of Systematics and Evolution 53 (3):228-238. 2015
    • Shi, Wenting, Wen, Jun, and Lutz, Susan. 2013. "Pollen morphology of the Maddenia clade of Prunus and its taxonomic and phylogenetic implications." Journal of Systematics and Evolution 51 (2):164-183. 2013
    • Chin, Siew-Wai, Lutz, Sue M., Wen, Jun, and Potter, Daniel. 2013. "The Bitter and the Sweet: Inference of Homology and Evolution of Leaf Glands in Prunus (Rosaceae) through Anatomy, Micromorphology, and Ancestral-Character State Reconstruction." International Journal of Plant Sciences 174 (1):27-46. 2013
    • Lu, Jin-Mei, Wen, Jun, Lutz, Sue M., Wang, Yi-Ping, and Li, De-Zhu. 2012. "Phylogenetic relationships of Chinese Adiantum based on five plastid markers." Journal of Plant Research 125 (2):237-249. 2012
    • Lu, Jin-Mei, Li, De-Zhu, Lutz, Sue M., Soejima, Akiko, Yi, Tingshuang, and Wen, Jun. 2011. "Biogeographic disjunction between eastern Asia and North America in the Adiantum pedatum complex (Pteridaceae)." American Journal of Botany 98 (10):1680-1963. 2011
    • Xu, Xinwei, Walters, Christina, Antolin, Michael F., Alexander, Mara L., Lutz, Sue M., Ge, Song, and Wen, Jun. 2010. "Phylogeny and biogeography of the eastern Asian-North American disjunct wild-rice genus (Zizania L., Poaceae)." Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 55 (3):1008-1017. 2010