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Lynch, Warren

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National Zoological Park staff

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selected publications

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    • Panyaboriban, Saritvich, Pukazhenthi, Budhan S., Brown, Megan E., Crowe, Chris, Lynch, Warren E., Singh, Ram P., Techakumphu, Mongkol, and Songsasen, Nucharin. 2016. "Influence of cooling and thawing conditions and cryoprotectant concentration on frozen-thawed survival of white-naped crane (Antigone vipio) spermatozoa." Cryobiology 73 (2):209-215. 2016
    • Brown, M. E., Converse, S. J., Chandler, J. N., Crosier, A. L., Lynch, Warren E., Wildt, David E., Keefer, C. L., and Songsasen, Nucharin. 2015. "Time within reproductive season, but not age or inbreeding coefficient, affects seminal and sperm quality in the whooping crane (Grus americana)." Reproduction Fertility and Development 29 (2):294-306. 2015
    • Hope, Katharine L., Tell, Lisa A., Byrne, Barbara A., Murray, Suzan, Wetzlich, Scott E., Ware, Lisa H., Lynch, Warren E., Padilla, Luis R., and Boedeker, Nancy C. 2012. "Pharmacokinetics of a single intramuscular injection of ceftiofur crystalline-free acid in American black ducks ( Anas rubripes )." American Journal of Veterinary Research 73 (5):620-627. 2012