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Marsh, Joanna

Former Senior Curator of Interpretation

Research And Grants


Selected Publications

  • Article

    • Marsh, Joanna and Showalter, Anne. 2017. "Cultivating curatorial habits of mind through studentcreated exhibitions." Visual Inquiry, 6, (1) 107–117. 2017
    • Marsh, Joanna. 2009. "Fieldwork: A Conversation with Mark Dion." American Art 23 (2):32-53. 2009
    • Marsh, Joanna. 2007. "Gentle humanity and penetrating vision: remembering Sol LeWitt." American Art (3): 110. 2007
  • Book

    • Marsh, Joanna, Avery, Kevin J., and Lovejoy, Thomas E. 2010. [Exhibition catalog] Alexis Rockman: A Fable for Tomorrow. Smithsonian American Art Museum ; in association with D. Giles. 2010
  • Chapter

    • Marsh, Joanna. 2018. "Enacting Cultural Memory: David Levinthal and Contemporary Art." in David Levinthal: War, Myth, Desire, 93-115. George Eastman Museum, andKehrer Verlag. 2018
    • Marsh, Joanna. 2017. "The City and the Sea: Alexis Rockman's Anthropocene Imaginings." In Living in the anthropocene : Earth in the age of humans.. Kress, W. John and Stine, Jeffrey K., editors. 108–112. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Books. 2017
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