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Raredon, Sandra

National Museum of Natural History staff


Selected Publications

  • Article

    • Jones, Christian M., Driggers, William B. Iii, Hannan, Kristin M., Hoffmayer, Eric R., Jones, Lisa M., and Raredon, Sandra J. 2020. "An annotated checklist of the chondrichthyan fishes inhabiting the northern Gulf of Mexico Part 1: Batoidea." Zootaxa, 4803, (2) 281–315. 2020
    • Voronina, E. P., Maclaine, J., Raredon, Sandra J., and Pruvost, P. 2020. "Revised Diagnoses, Nomenclature, Distribution and Key for Identification of the Species of the Indo-Pacific Genus Laeops (Bothidae)." Journal of Ichthyology, 60, (6) 801–827. 2020
    • Voronina, E. P., Raredon, Sandra, and Maclaine, J. 2020. "Taxonomic Status of Three Nominal Species of Indo-Pacific Flatfishes (Bothidae) with Redescription of Japonolaeops gracilis New Combination." Journal of Ichthyology, 60, (4) 520–530. 2020
    • Vilasri, Veera, Sonchaeng, Pichai, Raredon, Sandra, Kawai, Toshio, and Chan-ard, Tanya. 2018. "A re-examination of 53 type specimens of Thai Fishes described by Hugh McCormick Smith and in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution." The Thailand Natural History Museum Journal, 12, (2) 41–69. 2018