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Rhee, Jaehyon (Jay)

Astrophysicist, Lecturer, & Data Scientist


Background And Education

Education And Training


Selected Publications

  • Article

    • Limberg, Guilherme, Rossi, Silvia, Beers, Timothy C., Perottoni, Hélio D., Pérez-Villegas, Angeles, Santucci, Rafael M., Abuchaim, Yuri, Placco, Vinicius M., Lee, Young Sun, Christlieb, Norbert, Norris, John E., Bessell, Michael S., Ryan, Sean G., Wilhelm, Ronald, Rhee, Jaehyon, and Frebel, Anna. 2021. "Dynamically Tagged Groups of Very Metal-poor Halo Stars from the HK and Hamburg/ESO Surveys." The Astrophysical Journal, 10. 907, 2021
    • Conroy, Charlie, Bonaca, Ana, Cargile, Phillip, Johnson, Benjamin D., Caldwell, Nelson, Naidu, Rohan P., Zaritsky, Dennis, Fabricant, Daniel, Moran, Sean, Rhee, Jaehyon, Szentgyorgyi, Andrew, Berlind, Perry, Calkins, Michael L., Kattner, ShiAnne, and Ly, Chun. 2019. "Mapping the Stellar Halo with the H3 Spectroscopic Survey." The Astrophysical Journal 883:107. 2019
    • Offringa, A. R., McKinley, B., Hurley-Walker, N., Briggs, F. H., Wayth, R. B., Kaplan, D. L., Bell, M. E., Feng, L., Neben, A. R., Hughes, J. D., Rhee, J., Murphy, T., Bhat, N. D. R., Bernardi, G., Bowman, J. D., Cappallo, R. J., Corey, B. E., Deshpande, A. A., Emrich, D., Ewall-Wice, A., Gaensler, B. M., Goeke, R., Greenhill, L. J., Hazelton, B. J., Hindson, L. et al. 2014. "WSCLEAN: an implementation of a fast, generic wide-field imager for radio astronomy." Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 444:606-619. 2014