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Savcheva, Antonia

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory staff


Selected Publications

  • Article

    • Alt, Andrew, Myers, Clayton E., Ji, Hantao, Jara-Almonte, Jonathan, Yoo, Jongsoo, Bose, Sayak, Goodman, Aaron, Yamada, Masaaki, Kliem, Bernhard, and Savcheva, Antonia. 2021. "Laboratory Study of the Torus Instability Threshold in Solar-relevant, Line-tied Magnetic Flux Ropes." The Astrophysical Journal 908:41. 2021
    • Karna, Nishu, Savcheva, Antonia, Gibson, Sarah, Tassev, Svetlin, Reeves, Katharine K., DeLuca, Edward E., and Dalmasse, Kévin. 2021. "Magnetofrictional Modeling of an Erupting Pseudostreamer." The Astrophysical Journal 913:47. 2021
    • Dalmasse, K., Savcheva, Antonia, Gibson, S. E., Fan, Y., Nychka, D. W., Flyer, N., Mathews, N., and DeLuca, Edward E. 2019. "Data-optimized Coronal Field Model. I. Proof of Concept." The Astrophysical Journal 877:111. 2019
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    • Chintzoglou, Georgios, Vourlidas, Angelos, Savcheva, Antonia, Tassev, Svetlin, Tun Beltran, Samuel, and Stenborg, Guillermo. 2017. "Magnetic Flux Rope Shredding By a Hyperbolic Flux Tube: The Detrimental Effects of Magnetic Topology on Solar Eruptions." The Astrophysical Journal 843:93. 2017
    • Tassev, Svetlin and Savcheva, Antonia. 2017. "QSL Squasher: A Fast Quasi-separatrix Layer Map Calculator." The Astrophysical Journal 840:89. 2017
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