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Scherer, Joanna

National Museum of Natural History staff


Selected Publications

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  • Book

    • Scherer, Joanna Cohan. 2008. Edward Sheriff Curtis. New York and London: Phaidon Press Inc. 2008
  • Chapter

    • Scherer, Joanna Cohan. 2022. "Partnership with a Native American Family: Alice C. Fletcher, Francis La Flesche, and The Omaha Tribe (1911)." In Ethnographers Before Malinowski: Lost Chapters in the History of Anthropology. Rosa, Frederico Delgado and Vermeulen, Han F., editors. London;New York: Berghahn Books. 2022
    • Scherer, Joanna Cohan. 2017. "Cover statement." In From site to sight: anthropology, photography, and the power of imagery. 30th anniversary ed. Banta, Melissa, Hinsley, Curtis M., O'Donnell, Joan Kathryn, and Jacknis, Ira, editors. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Peabody Museum Press, Harvard University. 2017
    • Scherer, Joanna Cohan. 2009. "Afterword." In Faces from the Land: Twenty Years of Powwow Tradition. Marra, Ben and Marra, Linda, editors. 174–175. Harry N. Abrams, Inc. 2009
    • Scherer, Joanna Cohan. 2009. "Historical Photographs of North American Indians: Primary Documents BUT View with Care." In Viewpoints: Visual Anthropologists at Work. Strong, Mary and Wilder, Laena, editors. 80–95. Austin: University of Texas Press. 2009
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    • Scherer, Joanna Cohan and DeMallie, Raymond J., editors. 2013. Life Among the Indians: First Fieldwork among the Sioux and Omahas, by Alice C. Fletcher. Lincoln and London: University of Nebraska Press. 2013