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Smith, Susan

Winton M. Blount Research Chair

Background And Education

Education And Training


Selected Publications

  • Article

    • Smith, Susan. 2020. "The 'Handshake in Space'." The American Philatelist, 134, (7) 590–592. 2020
    • Smith, Susan N. 2010. "A Weapon in the Battle for Socialism? The Rise of the Vladimir Kraevedcheskii Museum." Museum History Journal, 3, (2) 189–208. 2010
    • Smith, Susan N. 2008. "The Accidental Museum: Expropriating and Appropriating the Past." The Russian Review, 65, (3) 438–453. 2008
  • Chapter

    • Lam, Thomas F., Smith, Susan, Devine, Scott, and Vicenzi, Edward P. 2023. "Color Analysis and Microfade Testing of the 1918 Curtiss Jenny U.S. Airmail Stamp." In Proceedings of the Fifth International Symposium on Analytical Methods in Philately. 52–72. The Institute for Analytical Philately. 2023
    • Smith, Susan N. and Tiffney, Scott D. 2022. "Introduction." In The Tenth Winton M. Blount Postal History Symposium: World War I and Its Immediate Aftermath, Select Papers. Smith, Susan N., editor. vii–viii. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press. In Smithsonian Contributions to History and Technology, 59. (, 2022
    • Smith, Susan N. 2014. "Cultural Heritage and 'the People's Property': Museums in Russia, 1914-1921." In Russian Culture in War and Revolution, 1914-22. Frame, Murray, Kolonitskii, Boris, Marks, Steven G., and Stockdale, Melissa K., editors. 403–423. Bloomington, Indiana: Slavica Publishers. In Russia's Great War and Revolution, 1. 2014

Editor Of


  • Presentation

    • Lam, Thomas, Vicenzi, Edward P., Smith, Susan N., and Devine, Scott. 2023. Color Analysis and Microfade Testing of the 1918 Curtiss Jenny US Airmail Stamp [presentation]. October 17, 2023. Washington, DC: National Postal Museum and Institute of Analytical Philately.