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Starikova, Svetlana

Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory staff


Selected Publications

  • Article

    • Starikova, Svetlana, Vikhlinin, Alexey, Kravtsov, A., Kraft, Ralph, Connor, T., Mulchaey, J. S., and Nagai, D. 2020. "Stellar-mass Measurements in A133 with Magellan/IMACS." The Astrophysical Journal 892:34. 2020
    • Connor, Thomas, Kelson, Daniel D., Mulchaey, John, Vikhlinin, Alexey, Patel, Shannon G., Balogh, Michael L., Joshi, Gandhali, Kraft, Ralph, Nagai, Daisuke, and Starikova, Svetlana. 2018. "Wide-field Optical Spectroscopy of Abell 133: A Search for Filaments Reported in X-Ray Observations." The Astrophysical Journal 867:25. 2018
    • Starikova, Svetlana, Jones, Christine, Forman, William R., Vikhlinin, Alexey A., Kurtz, Michael J., Geller, Margaret J., Fabricant, Daniel G., Murray, Stephen S., and Dell'Antonio, Ian P. 2014. "Comparison of Galaxy Clusters Selected by Weak-lensing, Optical Spectroscopy, and X-Rays in the Deep Lens Survey F2 Field." The Astrophysical Journal 786:125. 2014
    • Starikova, S., Berta, S., Franceschini, A., Marchetti, L., Rodighiero, G., Vaccari, M., and Vikhlinin, Alexey A. 2012. "Clustering of Star-forming Galaxies Detected in Mid-infrared with the Spitzer Wide-area Survey." The Astrophysical Journal 751:126. 2012
    • Starikova, S., Cool, R., Eisenstein, D., Forman, W., Jones, C., Hickox, R., Kenter, A., Kochanek, C. S., Kravtsov, A., Murray, S. S., and Vikhlinin, Alexey A. 2011. "Constraining Halo Occupation Properties of X-Ray Active Galactic Nuclei Using Clustering of Chandra Sources in the Bo├Âtes Survey Region." The Astrophysical Journal 741 (1):15. 2011