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Umberger, Leslie

Curator of Folk and Self-Taught Art

the work of self-taught, vernacular, folk, and autonomous artists and art environment builders


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  • Leslie Umberger is an art historian who has specialized in folk, self-taught, and vernacular art since the late 1990s. She is Curator of Folk and Self-Taught Art at the Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM) in Washington, D.C. Recent projects include the retrospective exhibition Between Worlds: The Art of Bill Traylor (2018-1019), which was accompanied by a major monograph of the same title co-published by SAAM and Princeton University Press (2018), and the reinstallation of the galleries for folk and self-taught art at SAAM in 2016. Other notable publications include: Something to Take My Place: The Art of Lonnie Holley (2015); Untitled: The Art of James Castle (2014), and Sublime Spaces & Visionary Worlds: Built Environments of Vernacular Artists (2007).

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Selected Publications

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  • Book

    • Umberger, Leslie. 2022. We are Made of Stories: Self-Taught Artists in the Robson Family Collection [Exhibition catalog] Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Pres. 2022
    • Umberger, Leslie. 2018. Between Worlds: The Art of Bill Traylor [Exhibition catalog] Washington, DC: Smithsonian American Art Museum in association with Princeton University Press. 2018
    • Bell, Nicholas R. and Umberger, Leslie. 2014. Untitled: The Art of James Castle. Washington: Smithsonian American Art Museum, in association with D. Giles Limited, London. 2014
    • Umberger, Leslie. 2009. American Story [Exhibition catalog] Sheboygan, Wisconsin: John Michael Kohler Arts Center. 2009
    • Umberger, Leslie. 2008. Messages & Magic: 100 Years of Collage and Assemblage in American Art [Exhibition catalog] Sheboygan, Wisconsin: John Michael Kohler Arts Center. 2008
    • Doss, Erika and Umberger, Leslie. 2007. Sublime Spaces & Visionary Worlds: Built Environments of Vernacular Artists. New York; Sheboygan, Wisconsin: Princeton Architectural Press;John Michael Kohler Arts Center. 2007
  • Chapter

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