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Vidaurri, Cynthia

Fellowship Advisor National Museum of the American Indian staff

Cuban, Mexican, and Mexican-American/Chicano folklore; U.S. - Mexico borderlands; traditional medicine, religious folk art; ranching culture;folk religion; cultural/heritage tourism.

Background And Education

Education And Training


Selected Publications

  • Article

    • Vidaurri, Cynthia. 2010. "More than Just Tourist Crafts: Andean Artists preserve the Culture of Their Isolated Homelands." American Indian Magazine, 28–29. 2010
  • Chapter

    • Vidaurri, Cynthia L. 2016. "Cuba--Confluencias, Creatividad y Color: The Making of a Cuba Folklife Festival Project." In Curatorial Conversations: Cultural Representation and the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Cadaval, Olivia, Kim, Sojin, and N'Diaye, Diana Baird, editors. 133. Jackson, Mississippi: University Press of Mississippi. 2016
  • Conference Paper

    • Vidaurri, Cynthia and Fernekes, Kristen. 2007. "The Real Thing: Commerce Craft and the Authentic Expression of Culture." from Proceedings of the V International Conference on Culture and Development. 2007