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Ware, Lisa H.

National Zoological Park staff

selected publications

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    • Moraes, Rosana N., Laske, Timothy G., Leimgruber, Peter, Stabach, Jared A., Marinari, Paul E., Horning, Megan M., Laske, Noelle R., Rodriguez, Juan V., Eye, Ginger N., Kordell, Jessica E., Gonzalez, Marissa, Eyring, Tom, Lemons, Christopher, Helmick, Kelly E., Delaski, Kristina M., Ware, Lisa H., Jones, Julia C., and Songsasen, Nucharin. 2021. "Inside out: heart rate monitoring to advance the welfare and conservation of maned wolves (Chrysocyon brachyurus)." Conservation Physiology, 9, (1). 2021
    • Alves, Sara, Joyner, Priscilla, Aitken-Palmer, Copper, Crosier, Adrienne, and Ware, Lisa. 2018. "Full-term Pregnancy with Vaginal Birth Following Dystocia and Caesarean Section in Two Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus)." Veterinary Record Case Reports 6 (2): 2018
    • Aitken-Palmer, Copper, Ware, Lisa H., Braun, Lacey, Lang, Kenneth, and Joyner, Priscilla H. 2017. "Novel Radiographic Technique for Pregnancy Detection in the Maned Wolf (Chrysocyon Brachyurus) without Anesthesia." Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 48 (1):204-207. 2017
    • Hinton, Jenna D., Aitken-Palmer, Copper, Joyner, Priscilla H., Ware, Lisa H., and Walsh, Timothy F. 2016. "Fatal gastric dilation in two adult black-footed ferrets (mustela nigripes)." Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 47 (1):367-369. 2016
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    • Hope, Katharine L., Tell, Lisa A., Byrne, Barbara A., Murray, Suzan, Wetzlich, Scott E., Ware, Lisa H., Lynch, Warren E., Padilla, Luis R., and Boedeker, Nancy C. 2012. "Pharmacokinetics of a single intramuscular injection of ceftiofur crystalline-free acid in American black ducks ( Anas rubripes )." American Journal of Veterinary Research 73 (5):620-627. 2012