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Wimer, Helen

Inactive National Museum of Natural History staff


Selected Publications

  • Article

    • Kramer, K., Chavez, M. B., Tran, A. T., Farah, F., Tan, M. H., Kolli, T. N., dos Santos, E. J. Lira, Wimer, Helen F., Millan, J. L., Suva, L. J., Gaddy, D., and Foster, B. L. 2021. "Dental defects in the primary dentition associated with hypophosphatasia from biallelic ALPL mutations." Bone 143:115732-115732. 2021
    • Xu, He, Lenhart, Sydney A., Chu, Emily Y., Chavez, Michael B., Wimer, Helen F., Dimori, Milena, Somerman, Martha J., Morello, Roy, Foster, Brian L., and Hatch, Nan E. 2020. "Dental and craniofacial defects in theCrtap(-/-)mouse model of osteogenesis imperfecta type VII." Developmental Dynamics 249 (7):884-897. 2020
    • Xu, H., Snider, T. N., Wimer, Helen F., Yamada, S. S., Yang, T., Holmbeck, K., and Foster, B. L. 2016. "Multiple essential MT1-MMP functions in tooth root formation, dentinogenesis, and tooth eruption." Matrix Biology 52/54:266-283. 2016
    • Zweifler, Laura E., Ao, M., Yadav, M., Kuss, P., Narisawa, S., Kolli, T. N., Wimer, Helen F., Farquharson, C., Somerman, M. J., Millán, J. L., and Foster, Brian L. 2016. "Role of PHOSPHO1 in Periodontal Development and Function." Journal of dental research 95 (7):742-751. 2016
    • Zweifler, Laura E., Patel, Mudita K., Nociti, Francisco H., Wimer, Helen F., Millán, Jose L., Somerman, Martha J., and Foster, Brian L. 2015. "Counter-regulatory phosphatases TNAP and NPP1 temporally regulate tooth root cementogenesis." IJOS: International Journal of Oral Science 7:27-41. 2015
    • Foster, B. L., Ao, M., Willoughby, C., Soenjaya, Y., Holm, E., Lukashova, L., Tran, A. B., Wimer, Helen F., Zerfas, P. M., Nociti, F. H., Jr., Kantovitz, K. R., Quan, B. D., Sone, E. D., Goldberg, H. A., and Somerman, M. J. 2015. "Mineralization defects in cementum and craniofacial bone from loss of bone sialoprotein." Bone 78:150-164. 2015
    • Foster, B. L., Soenjaya, Y., Nociti, F. H., Holm, E., Zerfas, P. M., Wimer, Helen F., Holdsworth, D. W., Aubin, J. E., Hunter, G. K., Goldberg, H. A., and Somerman, M. J. 2012. "Deficiency in Acellular Cementum and Periodontal Attachment in Bsp Null Mice." Journal of dental research 92 (2):166-172. 2012