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Truettner, William

Curator Emeritus

Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century American painting; George Catlin; art of the American West

Background And Education

Education And Training


Selected Publications

  • Article

    • Truettner, William H. 2010. "Remembering Roger Stein (1932-2010)." American Art, 24, (2) 100–102. 2010
    • Truettner, William H. 2007. "Looking at Art with Lane Faison." American Art, 21 109–111. 2007
  • Book

    • Truettner, William H., Mecklenburg, Virginia M., Harvey, Eleanor Jones, and Broun, Elizabeth. 2015. Nineteen American Masterworks from the Thelma and Melvin Lenkin Collection. Washington, DC: Smithsonian American Art Museum. 2015
    • Truettner, William H. 2010. Painting Indians and Building Empires in North America, 1710-1840. Berkeley: University of California Press. 2010
  • Chapter

    • Truettner, William H. 2015. "Picture the Murder of Jane McCrea: A Critical Moment in Transatlantic Romanticisim." In Transatlantic Romanticism: British and American Art and Literature, 1790-1860. Hemingway, Andrew and Wallach, Allan, editors. 229–258. Amherst: University of Massachusetts. 2015
    • Truettner, William H. 2013. "Rounding Up the Old West in West Palm Beach." In The Lunder Collection: A Gift of Art to Colby College. Colby College Museum of Art, editor. 238–268. Waterville, ME: Colby College Museum of Art. 2013
    • Truettner, William H. 2009. "Thomas Moran at Acoma." In Art at Colby: Celebrating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Colby College Museum of Art. 180. Waterville, Maine: Colby College Museum of Art. 2009
    • Truettner, William H. 2008. "Museums and Historical Amnesia." In Museums and difference. Sherman, Daniel J., editor. 354–374. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 2008
    • Truettner, William H. 2007. "Old West Meets New Art History: Some Reasons Why the Dust Hasn't Settled." In Redrawing Boundaries : perspectives on Western American art. 28–43. Seattle: University of Washington Press. 2007
  • Review