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Allison, David K.

Fellowship Advisor
National Museum of American History staff

Computer technologies; military technology; social history of technology

Professional Biography

  • Dr. David K. Allison has been Senior Scholar at the National Museum of American History since 1977. From 2009-2016, he served as Associate Director for Curatorial Affairs.  In that capacity, he oversaw the Office of Curatorial Affairs, which had a staff of 118 federal and trust employees.  It encompassed the Museum's collecting, research, and exhibition development. Previously, he served as a Curator and Department Chairman since he joined the staff in 1987.

    Smithsonian Exhibitions that he directed or helped curate include:

    America's Listening (2018)
    The American Revolution: A World War (2018)
    Religion in Early America (2017)
    American Enterprise (2015)
    Inventing in America (2015)
    The Price of Freedom: Americans at War (2004)
    September 11, 2001: Bearing Witness to History (2002)
    Deep Blue (2002)
    Digilab: A Digital Imaging Laboratory (1999)
    Science in American Life (1994)
    Information Age: People, Information, and Technology (1990)