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Boudreau, Joan


History of printmaking; history of printing; environmental history; government printmaking & the American West.


Research And Grants

Research Overview

  • Joan Boudreau, Curator, Graphic Arts Collection, specializes in Federal printed imagery of the American West, 19th century printing, Civil War field printing, Comic Art, Patent models and the graphic arts, Printing, printmaking, and the natural sciences, and American conservation history. She is responsible for the printing and "Graphic Arts Collection" includes roughly 70,000 artifacts associated with the technology and production of textual and visual culture.

    The international printmaking collection includes examples of works on paper—mainly prints produced with relief, intaglio, lithographic, serigraphic, photomechanical and digital means—and tools for their production—blocks, plates, stones, burins, writing materials, and printmaking presses. The works on paper have been collected from many countries and time periods to interpret how prints are made. They include everything from early European engravings to twenty-first century imagery.

    The printing and typography collections include textual works on paper, also produced with various printing technologies, and tools for their production, such as printing presses, typesetting machinery, patent models, type matrices, foundry type, wood type, and hand tools. The printing history collection, while working to be more inclusive of the textual products of other countries and communities, is mainly American in manufacture and product.

    Also included in the collection are smaller allied trade collections: papermaking, bookbinding, printing for the blind, illustration history.


Selected Publications