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Feller, Ilka


Dr. Ilka Feller (…better known as Candy Feller) is an Ecologist at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, which conducts research and education on linked ecosystems of the coastal zone around the world. Candy’s research focuses on the consequences of nutrient over-enrichment and the biology of animal-plant interactions in mangrove ecosystems. She has worked in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Mexico, Belize, Panama, Brazil, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.  Candy and her collaborators have established a coordinated distributed network of 30 long-term fertilization experiments along latitudinal gradients around the world to investigate the interaction of nutrient over-enrichment and climate change on the structure and function of mangrove ecosystems. She has published more than 100 scientific papers and has been project leader on multidisciplinary research programs focused on understanding the biocomplexity of mangrove ecosystems. She has also taught numerous marine ecology field courses for undergraduate and graduate students, teachers, and resource managers in the Neotropics and has developed a Mangrove Virtual Tour to educate the public on mangrove ecology.

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