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Kerns, Kenton

Curator, Small Mammal House


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  • Kenton Kerns is the Curator at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo’s Small Mammal House, where he oversees the management of the unit and its 150 animals. He coordinates the animal care, husbandry, and birth management programs for each of these species; organizes building and exhibit maintenance; and leads educational and research activities within the unit.

    In addition to his responsibilities at the Zoo, he has served as chair of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Professional Development Committee, vice-chair of the Rodent Taxonomic Advisory Group, steering committee member of the New World Primate Taxonomic Advisory Group, president of the National Capital Chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers, Species Survival Coordinator and Studbook Keeper for golden-headed lion tamarins, and board member for Save the Golden Lion Tamarin.

    Kerns has a biology degree from American University and a master’s from George Mason University with a concentration in Zoo and Aquarium Leadership. He started as a volunteer in the Small Mammal House in 2007 and worked as a keeper for seven years and Assistant Curator for 10 years before becoming Curator.


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