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Campbell Lilienfeld, Bonnie

Assistant Director, Curatorial Affairs

Background And Education

Education And Training


Selected Publications

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    • Lilienfeld, Bonnie Campbell. 2017. "Creating and Expanding the Nation, 1776–1900." In Many Voices, One Nation: Material Culture Reflections on Race and Migration in the United States. Salazar-Porzio, Margaret, Troyano, Joan Fragaszy, and Safranek, Lauren, editors. 81–100. Washington, D.C: Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press. In Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge. 2017
    • Lilienfeld, Bonnie. 2014. "My Ten Favorite Ceramic Objects from the National Museum of American History." In Ceramics in America 2014. 188–207. Lebanon, New Hampshire: Chipstone. 2014