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Wright, Helena

Curator of Graphic Arts

Visual culture, including prints and photomechanical processes; history of print collecting; business history of American printmaking; women's work in graphic arts trades.


Background And Education

Education And Training

Awards And Honors


Selected Publications

  • Article

  • Book

    • Wright, Helena E. 2015. The First Smithsonian Collection: the European engravings of George Perkins Marsh and the role of prints in the U.S. National Museum. Washington D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press. In Smithsonian Contribution to Knowledge. 2015
  • Chapter

    • Wright, Helena E. 2013. "George Perkins Marsh and the Smithsonian." In George Perkins Marsh: An American for All Seasons. Dolling, Lisa M., editor. 160–176. Hoboken: Stevens Institute of Technology. 2013
    • Wright, Helena E. 2012. "Some French and American Lithographs at the Smithsonian: a Retrospective View." In With a French Accent: American Lithography to 1860. Barnhill, Georgia B., editor. 83–96. Worcester: American Antiquarian Society. 2012
  • Conference Paper

    • Wright, Helena E. 2020. "Fitz Henry Lane in Lowell." from Laid Down on Paper: Printmaking in America, 1800-1865. Papers presented at a symposium hosted by the Cape Ann Museum in conjunction with the exhibition Drawn from Nature & On Stone: The Lithographs of Fitz Henry Lane, October 27-28, 2017. 1–17. (Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester, Massachusetts) 2017-10-27. Gloucester, Massachusetts: Cape Ann Museum. 2020