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Strong Lens Time Delay Challenge. II. Results of TDC1 Article uri icon

Complete Citation

  • Liao, Kai, Treu, Tommaso, Marshall, Phil, Fassnacht, Christopher D., Rumbaugh, Nick, Dobler, Gregory, Aghamousa, Amir, Bonvin, Vivien, Courbin, Frederic, Hojjati, Alireza, Jackson, Neal, Kashyap, Vinay, Rathna Kumar, S., Linder, Eric, Mandel, Kaisey, Meng, Xiao-Li, Meylan, Georges, Moustakas, Leonidas A., Prabhu, Tushar P., Romero-Wolf, Andrew, Shafieloo, Arman, Siemiginowska, Aneta, Stalin, Chelliah S., Tak, Hyungsuk, Tewes, Malte et al. 2015. "Strong Lens Time Delay Challenge. II. Results of TDC1." The Astrophysical Journal 800:11.