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DM Ori: A Young Star Occulted by a Disturbance in Its Protoplanetary Disk




  • Rodriguez, Joseph E., Stassun, Keivan G., Cargile, Phillip, Shappee, Benjamin J., Siverd, Robert J., Pepper, Joshua, Lund, Michael B., Kochanek, Christopher S., James, David, Kuhn, Rudolf B., Beatty, Thomas G., Gaudi, B. Scott, Weintraub, David A., Stanek, Krzysztof Z., Holoien, Thomas W. -S, Prieto, Jose L., Feldman, Daniel M. and Espaillat, Catherine C.


  • In some planet formation theories, protoplanets grow gravitationally within a young star’s protoplanetary disk, a signature of which may be a localized disturbance in the disk’s radial and/or vertical structure. Using time-series photometric observations by the Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope South project and the All-Sky Automated Survey for SuperNovae, combined with archival observations, we present the discovery of two extended dimming events of the young star,

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  • 2016



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