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DECam survey for low-mass stars and substellar objects in the UCL and LCC subgroups of the Sco-Cen OB Association (SCOCENSUS) Article uri icon


  • Moolekamp, Fred E., Mamajek, Eric E., James, David J., Luhman, Kevin L., Pecaut, Mark J., Metchev, Stanmir A., Bell, Cameron P. M. and Denbo, Sara R.


  • Using images taken with the Dark Energy Camera (DECam), the first extensive survey of low mass and substellar objects is made in the ˜15-20 Myr Upper Centaurus Lupus (UCL) and Lower Centaurus Crux (LCC) subgroups of the Scorpius-Centaurus OB Association (Sco-Cen). Due to the size of our data set (>2Tb), we developed an extensive open source set of python libraries to reduce our images, including astrometry, coaddition, and PSF photometry. Our survey consists of 29 × 3 deg2 fields in the UCL and LCC subgroups of Sco-Cen and the creation of a catalogue with over 11 million point sources. We create a prioritized list of UCL and LCC candidate members, with 118 best and another 348 good candidates. We show that the luminosity and mass functions of our low mass and substellar candidates are consistent with measurements for the younger Upper Scorpius subgroup and estimates of a universal IMF, with spectral types ranging from M1 down to L1.

publication date

  • 2019