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Description of a new species of the genus Acropoma (Acropomatidae) from the Arafura Sea with a redescription of Acropoma leobergi Prokofiev 2018 and the first record of Acropoma boholensis Yamanoue and Matsuura 2002 from the South China Sea




  • Okamoto, Makoto, Williams, Jeffrey T., Carpenter, Kent E., Santos, Mudjekeewis D. and Kimura, Seishi


  • A new species of the genus Acropoma, A. arafurensis sp. nov., is described based on two specimens (57.3–76.2 mm standard length: SL) collected from the Arafura Sea. The present species is distinguished from other congeners by a combination of the following characters: luminous gland U-shaped extending from throat to posterior tip of pectoral fin; luminous-gland length 29.5–32.0%25 SL; symphysis of lower jaw not sharply protruded; proximal radial of first anal-fin pterygiophore with concavity on anterior surface; anus situated closer to pelvic-fin insertion than to origin of anal fin; cycloid scales on lateral side of posterior half of body; vertical line on cheek absent; scales between first dorsal-fin base and lateral line 4; pectoral-fin rays 15; and gill rakers 20–21. Acropoma leobergi is redescribed based on 60 specimens (38.6–143.5 mm SL) from Taiwan, Philippines, and northern and west coast of Australia. Additionally, two specimens (94.9–103.1 mm SL) of A. boholensis collected from Luzon, Philippines, represent the first record of this species from the South China Sea. This article was registered in the Official Registry of Zoological Nomenclature (ZooBank) as 594449F4-596C-4E9D-9C48-0EF9375AE11B.

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