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Carrano, Matthew

Research Geologist and Curator of Dinosauria

Large-scale evolutionary patterns within Dinosauria; systematics of basal Theropoda; vertebrate paleoecology of Mesozoic terrestrial ecosystems; the dinosaur fossil record.

Background And Education

Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Organismal Biology and Anatomy, University of Chicago , Organismal Biology and Anatomy, The evolution of dinosaur locomotion: functional morphology, biomechanics, and modern analogs 1995 - 1998
  • M.S. in Organismal Biology and Anatomy, University of Chicago , Organismal Biology and Anatomy, Morphological indicators of foot posture in mammals: a statisticaland biomechanical analysis 1992 - 1995
  • B.S. in Geology-Biology, Brown University , Geological Sciences, Mesozoic ungulate parallels: an examination of hadrosaur morphology (Dinosauria: Ornithischia) with an evaluation of patterns of correlation between hadrosaurs and ungulates 1987 - 1991

Awards And Honors

Research And Grants


Selected Publications

Collection Or Series Editor For


  • Presentation

    • Carrano, Matthew T. 2015. A curatorial perspective on the Deep Time exhibit renovation [presentation]. The Future of Museum and Gallery Design, Hong Kong University, 2015. Hong Kong.
    • Carrano, Matthew T. 2014. Challenges and benefits of using vertebrate microfossil bonebeds for understanding terrestrial paleoecosystems [presentation]. 4th International Palaeontological Congress, 2014. Mendoza.
    • Carrano, Matthew T. 2012. Dinosaur detective stories: what do we know about dinosaurs, and how do we know it? [presentation]. Undergraduate Research and Design Symposium. Northern Arizona University., 2012. Flagstaff, AZ.
    • Carrano, Matthew T. 2017. Jurassic Park—In Concert [presentation]. National Symphony Orchestra, Wolf Trap, 2017. Vienna, VA.
    • Carrano, Matthew T. 2012. Paleoecology and biogeography of the vertebrate fauna of the Morrison Formation, Late Jurassic, western United States [presentation]. Tendaguru and Beyond : Vertebrates in Jurassic Ecosystems (Symposium), Centenary Meeting, Paläontologische Gessellschaft, 2012.
    • Carrano, Matthew T. 2011. The evolutionary history of basal tetanuran theropod dinosaurs [presentation]. IV Congreso Latinoamericano Paleontología de Vertebrados, San Juan.
    • Carrano, Matthew T. 2009. The phylogeny of megalosauroids (Dinosauria: Theropoda) with implications for the evolution of North African ecosystems [presentation]. First International Congress on North African Vertebrate Palaeontology, 2009. Morocco.
    • Carrano, Matthew T. 2016. Vertebrate microfossil bonebeds as benchmarks for terrestrial vertebrate diversity and paleoecology through time [presentation]. Department of Integrated Biology, University of California, Berkeley, 2016. Berkeley, CA.
    • Carrano, Matthew T. 2017. Windows into the world of giants [presentation]. Dinosaur Weekend, Burke Museum, University of Washington, 2017. Seattle, WA.

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Responsible Collections Areas

  • Fossil reptiles and amphibians, especially dinosaurs


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  • P.O. Box 37012, MRC 121
    Department of Paleobiology
    Washington, DC  20013-7012