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Natural History Collections Keys for the Study of Biodiversity and Ecology of Recent Cheilostome Bryozoans from the Pacific Coast of Panama






  • Between 1986 and 1996 twenty two dredging collections and 11 in intertidal zones were done in coastal and insular areas of the gulfs of Panamá and Chiriquí, to know the abundance and diversity of bryozoans present in various types of substrates, such as rocks, coral rubble, shells, sediment conglomerates etc. One thousand three hundred and eighty substrates were catalogued, which represent 60% of lots available. Ninety two species were identified, of these 12 are new species, 8 are new reports and the identification of four species were updated. In total 12,362 colonies were counted.

    In the Gulf of Panama 69 species were identified. And In the Gulf of Chiriquí 75 species, highlighting the greatest biodiversity found in Uva Island with 62 species, which represent 68% of total.

    Of the 92 species 11 (12%) are exclusive of the Gulf of Panama, and 18 (20%) are exclusive of the Gulf of Chiriquí, this despite the number of substrates examined were ten times greater in the Gulf of Panama

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