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An associated partial skeleton of Jainosaurus cf. septentrionalis (Dinosauria: Sauropoda) from the Late Cretaceous of Chhota Simla, Central India Article uri icon


  • Wilson, Jeffrey A., Barrett, Paul M. and Carrano, Matthew T.


  • Abstract: The Cretaceous dinosaur fauna of Indo-Pakistan has remained poorly understood because of a lack of associated and articulated remains, proliferation of named species, and an incomplete understanding of the dinosaur clades present (e.g. abelisaurid theropods; titanosaur sauropods). Continued work on existing collections, and new discoveries of dinosaur material from India, Pakistan and elsewhere in Gondwana, has begun to resolve the composition and affinities of Indo-Pakistani dinosaurs. Here, we provide archival evidence that documents associations between postcranial remains of a sauropod collected from Chhota Simla, India by C. A. Matley in the 1930s and later described as ‘Titanosaurus sp.Â’ This partial skeleton, which represents only the fifth such documented association from Indo-Pakistan, is referable to Jainosaurus cf. septentrionalis and provides a fuller understanding of its anatomy and phylogenetic affinities.

publication date

  • 2011