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Green approach for an eco-compatible consolidation of the Agrigento biocalcarenites surface




  • Daniele, V., Taglieri, G., Macera, L., Rosatelli, G., Otero, J. and Charola, A. Elena


  • In this paper, we investigate a conservation treatment on different kinds of Agrigento%26#39;s biocalcarenites, introducing a new non-commercial aqueous nanolime suspension for compatible and eco-friendly extensive applications. This nanolime, here tested for the first time, can be considered a green treatment for both the environment and the health of the conservator. Petrographic, chemico-physical and mechanical investigations of the different biocalcarenites were carried out before and after treatment application. This new nanolime yielded a very promising consolidation effectiveness for all the biocalcarenites, increasing the superficial cohesion and the drilling resistance without significantly altering the stone porosity or the aesthetical features. (C) 2018 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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  • 2018



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